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CD recordings available from The Workshop.

Farnaby's Dream: 20 pieces by Giles Farnaby from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, played by Timothy Roberts on a copy by Malcolm Rose of the 1579 Theewes harpsichord in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Published by early-music.com , EMCCD-7756. Price £12.00.

Elizabethan Keyboard Music. Pieces by Byrd, Bull, Gibbons and Sweelinck played by James Johnstone on the Theewes harpsichord by Malcolm Rose. 22 mins. Price £6.00. Available only from The Workshop.

Venetian Harpsichord Music, played by Tim Roberts on two harpsichords by Malcolm Rose based on the Alessandro Trasuntino of 1531. One instrument has the original 8 + 4 disposition, C/E to f³, the other has the later 2 x 8 disposition and compass GG/BB-c³. Published by early-music.com , EMCCD-7760. Price £12.

Music by Pieter Cornet, played by James Johnstone on the Severijn-organ in  St. Martinuskerk te Cuijk, and on the Theewes harpsichord. Also featuring The Cardinall's Musick. Gaudeamus GAU 335. Price £12.

William Byrd : fourteen pieces played by Gustav Leonhardt on the Theewes harpsichord. Published by Alpha Productions, Alpha 073, price £12.

Thomas Tallis : Keyboard Works Complete, recorded by Rachelle Taylor on the two organs of the Early English Organ Project, a virginal after the AH ( Museum of Scotland ) by Darryl Martin, and the Theewes harpsichord. www.atmaclassique.com , ACD2 2349. Price £12.

Sweelinck: Paduana Lachrymae. Works for Keyboard, Vol. 2. Played by Robert Woolley on the Theewes harpsichord. Chandos, CHAN 0758.

Mr Tomkins his Lessons of Worthe. Music by Byrd, Bull, Tomkins and Tallis, played partly on the Theewes harpsichord by Bertrand Cuiller. Mirare, MIR 137.

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