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A Handbook of

Historical Stringing Practice

for Keyboard Instruments


compiled, edited and published by

Malcolm Rose and David Law

This book, intended as a source of information for all those concerned with early keyboard instruments, has been compiled with the help of owners, curators and restorers worldwide.

The first 84 tables give measurements of surviving strings on a Swedish clavichord, 6 harpsichords and spinets, 39 fortepianos and upright pianos, and 38 square pianos, together with speaking lengths, gauge numbers where they exist, and calculated tensions. These tensions are presented in graph form, with a description of the benefits to be gained from studying and comparing stringing patterns in this way.

48 further tables give more diameter measurements, and record many more gauge number markings, for comparison with the principal tables.

A final section gives all the information necessary to calculate diameters and tensions of plain, open-spun and close-spun strings, with blank graph sheets to photocopy as required.

220 pages, with bibliography and index. Price £29.50

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