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Red Brass

RED BRASS is a 90/10 brass to match the usual 18th century specification; in harpsichords it will give the best possible focus to the sound in the bass. Italian harpsichords, though, are an exception to this rule; generally, the drier quality of yellow brass is more appropriate.

Recommended maximum practical tensions are:

0.36mm                   5.2kg                                       0.52                           9.6

0.40                         5.9                                           0.56                         10.9

0.44                         7.5                                           0.60                         12.9

0.48                         8.1                                           0.65                         14.7


The following list of recommended maximum speaking lengths for red brass may help you to decide how far up from the bass to take it:

                                                at A415                                  at A440

E                                              147cm                                     139cm

D#                                           156                                          147

D                                             164                                          155

C#                                           174                                          164

C                                             184                                          174

Red brass is sometimes found on the lowest few notes of fortepianos up to c. 1820, and on many square pianos of the first half of the 19th century, for a few notes above the covered strings. We make a harder-drawn red brass for these instruments. Please make it clear when ordering what kind of instrument you are stringing.